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By leveraging our E2PE framework, we transition non-tech professionals to AI and data specialists within 3-6 months, guaranteeing at least 10% increase in net Salary

Advance Your Career with Our Framework

There is a growing concern about AI potentially replacing numerous jobs. However, it also promises lucrative opportunities. This presents a prime chance for non-tech professionals to transition and thrive as AI and Data specialists. Fortunately, our Education to Professional Employment (E2PE) framework is specifically designed to help you transition in just six months.

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Who we can Help

We collaborate closely with you if you meet the following criteria:

  • Non-Tech professional
  • Hold a university degree
  • Possess domain or industry-specific expertise
  • Enthusiastic about AI and data
  • Seek to advance your career within a six-month timeframe
  • Need guide through this transition journey
  • Ready to invest time and money to achieve your desired results. 

Meet these criteria? Begin our collaboration by grabbing a FREE copy of the E2PE framework.

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Our Secret Formula

Core to our platform is a well-structured, easy-to-follow 6-phase Education to Professional Employment (E2PE) framework. This is the tried-and true formula that has propelled the experienced industry professionals on our platform. 

What We Will Offer You


Career coaching, mentoring  and counselling


Skill Training and Development


Gain valuable work experience


Personal professional Brand 


Job Placement Preparing


Networking Opportunity

Take the bold step towards your dream career by beginning your transition journey with the E2PE framework.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

  1. Make a good career choice in the field of AI and data 
  2. Receive the best support to quickly learn the AI and data skills in your chosen career path.
  3. Effective ways to gain related work experience from home.
  4. Build a professional personal brand to attract lucrative opportunities
  5. Reduce Job rejections and ace interviews
  6. Be supported by a professional community of linked-minded AI and data peers.
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Core to our Platform

Striving for industry Certifications from Microsoft, AWS, Github, Google.

Collaboration with experienced AI and Data analytics industry professionals from renown big corporations

About Graffiland's Professional Development Platform

Our objective is to empower non-tech professionals with university degrees to become high-earning AI and data specialists. Central to our platform is the Education to Professional Employment (E2PE) framework.

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Graffiland is a great platform which gives you the right supportive environment to excel as a data analyst. I joined 3 months ago and I managed to complete my courses successfully thanks to the super attentive and helpful staff. In addition to that I also obtained great technical skills in analytics and grew my professional network to get job insights and other opportunities to grow my career so I highly recommend them!!


Graffiland has been like a catalyst breaking down complex aspects for easy comprehension. What I like most is the flexibility of the program which is adjustable with one’s schedule no matter how tight it could be. Worth noting is it’s affordable nature as compared to other platforms of the same category on an equal basis, it is really cheap yet impactful..

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